Project Experience


Project Experience is a 30 minute interactive experience for all ages. Participants are guided through interactive stations that highlight the challenges many people in the world face each day. Project Experience is a tool to help groups process the brokenness they see in the world and move towards a posture of hope.


While Project Experience is open to people of every age, it is recommended for youth sixth grade and up. Any children younger than sixth grade can participate at their parent’s discretion. There are two stations that address sex-trafficking and pornography. Parents may choose to have their children skip these two stations. Adult supervision will be provided for the children while they wait.

Note to Pastors/Church Leaders:

Have you struggled motivating your people to be personally engaged in Christ’s Mission? Project Experience is designed to expose participants to tangible needs that people face throughout the world, needs that we often would not want to think about. Participants are guided through stations designed to help them consider people’s need for clean water, food, housing and medicine, and the challenges many face including sex trafficking.

Group Pre-Registration: To assist with the flow of people, we ask that groups consider pre-registering. A specific time will be assigned to your group.

Call (814) 723-2380 or email:

Promote Your Own Groups Missions/Service Agencies: The goal of Project Experience is to motivate people to be engaged in mission. At the end of the experience, information is provided about Envision, the Christian & Missionary Alliance’s short-term missions organization. We encourage you to bring printed information about your organization’s missions/service work to make available to individuals in your group. Our goal is to encourage people to be engaged in mission, not necessarily the C&MA.