Life Impact Groups

life impact group

What is a Life Impact Group? Why would I want to be in one?

A life impact group is a group of people who are committed to meeting on a regular basis with each other, in order to strengthen their relationship with Christ, as well as coming alongside others in their walk with Christ.

Jesus came into our world to meet us where we live. He met people face to face. Encountering lives through life impact groups fulfills the commitment to love one another and helps equip the body to love the people in the world in which they live.

These groups can become agents of both individual and community change when they are organized around, bathed in, and focused on living out the gospel together. When we are honest, open, and vulnerable with one another, there is an opportunity to bear one another’s burdens (Gal. 6:2) and spur one another on toward love and good deeds (Heb. 10:24).

It is our goal to not simply be a church with Life Impact Groups, but to be a church of Life Impact Groups.

What Groups Already Exist?

Sunday School (current studies will run until March 4th,2018)

  • Ladies (Library) – “Growing in Every Season of Life” -led by Christine Smith
  • Marshall Hall – The Life of a Disciple – led by Jeff Turner
  • Old Nursery –The General Epistles– led by Jim Chapman

The groups below are taking a holiday group and will resume in the new year.

Sundays 6:00PM

  • Holloway (277 Tollgate Rd., Sheffield) – “Current Culture”- led by Bill Rogerson  and Larry Anderson
  • Bancroft (7 Grant St., Warren)– “Acts: Seeing God’s Power in Action” – led by Mike Smith
  • Chapple (5 Glenood St, Warren)- “Jesus>Culture” by Jefferson Bethke- led by Pastor Steve Chapple

Mondays 6:30pm

  • Moore (11 West Wayne St., Warren) – “A Life Beyond Amazing”- led by Don Moore
  • Crouse (205 Weiler Rd, Warren)– study TBD – led by Dave Crouse

Wednesdays 6:30PM

  • Church – study TBD – led by Doug McCracken

Thursdays 6:30PM

  • Durnell, (2100 Jackson Run Rd.) study TBD – led by Dallas McHenry
  • Men’s Study Group- study TBD-led by Jim Chapman


If you aren’t sure which group to join click here to begin your journey with a Life Impact Group.