2nd Annual WAY Lip Sync Contest

Come join ulip sync_edited-1s for an absolute blast as we battle to see who is the best pretend performer we have. The winner gets a $25 Dairy Delight gift certificate. You don’t have to perform to come. It is hilarious just to watch.

How does it work?

Register as an individual or a group to lip sync two songs. When you register you will pick approximately a 90-second clip of the song to perform. Register here by April 5th.


There are 3 rounds.

Round 1: Everyone will do their first song and everyone will vote.

Round 2: Everyone will do their second song and everyone will vote.

Round 3: After we add the votes from both rounds together, the top 2 will spin the wheel to see what song they must do for the finals. They will have 10 minutes to prepare. The final vote will be a noise vote.